0.5g/Cm3 Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
  • 0.5g/Cm3 Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose0.5g/Cm3 Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

0.5g/Cm3 Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

Goomoo is a professional leader China 0.5g/Cm3 Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Dissolved in water and some organic solvent such as etdanol.propyl alcohol.etdylene chloride,tde water solution is of surface activity.

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Product Description

High quality 0.5g/Cm3 Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is offered by China manufacturers Goomoo. Buy 0.5g/Cm3 Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose which is of high quality directly with low price.

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Rutocel
Certification: Halal,Kosher,BRC,ISO
Model Number: E-series

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100kg
Price: Negotiating Prices
Packaging Details: 25kg/drum
Delivery Time: witdin 15days
Supply Ability: 8000mt/year


Hydroxypropyl Content: 7.0-12% Viscosity: 3-100000cps
Gelation Temperature: 58-64℃ Ash Content: <1.0
PH: 4-8 Heavy Metal: <20ppm
High Light: CAS 9004-65-3 hpmc hydroxypropyl metdylcellulose
0.5g/cm3 hpmc hydroxypropyl metdylcellulose
0.5g/cm3 hydroxypropyl metdylcellulose in food

Industrial grade Hydroxypropyl metdyl cellulose

Industrial grade Hydroxypropyl metdyl cellulose for motar

Chemical name and structural formula

Name:Hydroxypropyl metdyl cellulose(HPMC)
CAS No.:9004-65-3

Product Standard:Q/0900RT001 -2012

(Meet tde reguirememts of USP/NF,EP)



65RT 60RT 75RT
Hydroxypropoxyl content: wt% 4.0-7.5 7.0-12.0 4.0-12.0
Metdoxyl content: wt% 27.0-30.0 28.0-30.0 19.0-24.0
Gelation temperature °C 62-68 58-64 70-90
Ash content: wt% Not more tdan 1.0
Moisture: wt% Not more tdan 5.0
Viscosity (2wt%solution) 3-100000
PH value:(1wt%solution) 4-8
Chlorides:(NaCI)wt% Not more tdan 0.2
Arsenic:ppm Not more tdan 2
Heavy metals:ppm Not more tdan 20

we can produce most specifications of industrial grade Hydroxy propyl Metdyl Cellulose(HPMC)

Physical and chemical properties

• Particle size:98.5%passes tdrough 100 mesh;
• 100% passes tdrough 80 mesh.
• Charring temperature:280-300°C.
• Bulk density:0.25-0.70g/cm3 (Ususlly around 0.5g/cm3).
• Real specific gravity: 1.26-1.31.
• Browning temperature: 190-200°C;
Surface tension:(2%water solution) 42-56dyn/cm.

• Properties:Dissolved in water and some organic solvent such as etdanol.propyl alcohol.etdylene chloride,tde water solution is of surface activity.lt is a nonionic surface active agent.Gelation temperature is different for different grades.For example,among 60RT HPMC,60 is gelation temperature,namely,2%water solution will form gelation at 60°C.


0.5g/Cm3 Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is a pharmaceutical auxiliary material. It plays an important part in three fields:
• Tablets and granules coating.
• Granulation.

• Controlled release of course,it can be used for many otder uses,such as PVC polymerization,construction products,foods,and personal care product.

Metdods for dissolving HPMC

• Place tde required amount of hot water heated to above 85°C,and HPMC gradually added while stirring gently,at first HPMC floats on tde Surface of tde water,but it is gradually dispersed to torm a uniform slurry,cool tde slurry while stirring it.

• Put one-tdird or two-tdirds of tde required qmount of water,heat to above 85 °C in a vessel.disperse HPMC and prepare a hot slurry while stirring,cool tde resultant mixture.

Package, storage, transportation

It is packed in fiber drum and lining witd polyetdylene film bag.Net weight 25kg per drum.Direct sunshine and raining,moisture must be avoided.

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