About Us

Goomoo, devote to provide high quality raw material supplychain solution of medical, health care, food and fine chemicalsindustrial. It was invested by HongKong Sunike New MaterialCo., Ltd in Hunan. We have very good cooperation with HunanChemical Research Institute and Zhongshan University, basedon their talent and research ability, it ensure our quality andtechnology ahead of Competitors. In recent years, Goomooestablished 3 production bases by invested, mergers andacquisitions. Production bases are located in Hunan,Shandong, and Anhui province, China. Our business dividedinto 3 business departments. Our main products are bismuth trioxide, bismuth oxide, bismuth subnitrate, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose powder, hydroxypropyl cellulose, bismuth powder

We care the safety of Drug and food, all drug and food materials in accordance with CP,USP. GMP standard workshop have been built. We pay attention to environmentalprotection. All environmental protection facilities, pollutant emissions are in strictaccordance with Chinese Law. You can see garden-like factory and cyclic utilization in ourcompany. We care for staff's life and growing, all of our staffs could happy work and havethe chance to study provided by us. We take our Social responsibility seriously, oftenattend public work, make our company respected and like by people. Choose us, we willgrow up with you.

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