Substituted Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
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Substituted Hydroxypropyl Cellulose

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Product Description

Chemical name:High-Substituted Hydroxypropyl cellulose (H-HPC)


(Meet the requirements of USP/NF,EP)


Hydroxyproxyl group: wt%


Moisture: wt%

Not more than 80


Not more than 5

Ash content: wt%


Chlorides(NaCl) : wt%

Not more than 0.2

Heavy metals: ppm

Not more than 20

Arsenic: ppm

Not more than 2.0

Viscosity: mpa.s



Note: 1. The values of aqueous solution containing 2% by weight of dry HPC at 20℃

        2. The values of aqueous solution containing 5% by weight of dry HPC at 25℃

Physical properties

Appearance: white or nearly white powder tasteless and odorless.

Particle size: 99% pass 20mesh,95% pass 30mesh

Bulk density: 0.5-0.6g/ml; real specific gravity: 1.2224

Borwning temperature : 195-210℃  Charring temperature: 260-275℃; soft point: 130℃.

Important characteristics

It could dissolves at ordinary temperature in water or in any organic solvents,such as absolute methanol, ethanol,isopropanol propylene glycol and methylene chloride,also inacetone,chloroform,toluene,or cellosolves. The solution is very clear and transparent.

H-HPC is a highly thermoplastic substance,and shows and excellent film forming property. The film obtained is very tough. Ash content is exceedingly low, so that the product has excellent binding property,stabilizing property for viscosity-increasing emulsions and in dispensability .

H-HPC sows no medicinal action by itself,has no toxicity and is physiologically harmless.

H-HPC is chemically inert,so that is hardly reacts with other reagents

The addition of antifungal agents is not necessary when H-HPC is used.

Equilibrium moisture content of H-HPC is low


Use as binders: in the pharmaceutical field, as a binder for tablets,granules and fine grains or as the paste of ointments. It is used in and amount of 1% to 5% by weight of the drug.

As film coating agents: H-HPC has an excellent film-forming property.

H-HPC is used as gelation agents for water and alcohols.


It is packed in fiber drum and lining with polyethylene film bag. Net weight 25kg per drum. Direct sunshine and raining,moisture must be avoided .

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